Welcome back guys, to another Court In The Act episode. The Dominican Republic trip rolls on at a strong pace, moving from foil sessions, to kite shreds, wingfoiling, tow-in surfing… when you are in the DR and you enjoy all the sports there is barley time to take a moments rest. In this video we travel down to Las Terrenas to check out this amazing place. With some of the worlds most beautiful coastline its a hydrofoiling paradise…

Linking up with the guys from surf Samana ( ) to score a couple of @Fliteboard ‘s for the days shred at Villa Del Mar on Playa Cosson –

One of the sickest villas in the area, it was only right that we called in all to toys and got stuck into some serious shreddery along side Noah Magnin, local ripper that knows all the secret foiling spots in the area!!

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