127km WING FOIL around the ISLE OF WIGHT!!! – Court In The Act FREE RIDE vlog

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Sailing around the Isle of Wight is one of the worlds most iconic sailing races, it has some of the most dangerous waters in the world, some of the most technical tides in the world, its a long enough distance at around 60 Nautical Miles to make it a massive endurance challenge. Regardless of what you do it on, weather its a sailing boat, kite, kite foil, speed boat, or in this case… a wing foil.

We have attempted it before, four of us tried and only one finished, Ross Williams. So he has been the only person in the world to have completed it until now…

With @SamLight we have been keeping an eye on the forecast for the right day, as always scheduling is what makes this sort of thing even harder… however we saw our opportunity and took our chance on the last of the summer storms… This is Wingfoiling around the Isle of Wight in the fastest time it has ever been done.

First Solo – Unasisted (no saftey)
Fastest Rounding time (5 hours 30 mins)

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