North Team Patagonia Adventure Day 02 | North Kiteboarding & Foils

Hosted by the Santa Tabla crew down here in Patagonia for what so far feels like one of the wildest trips we have ever been on.

Each day that passes blows our expectations.

We set up to trip together with the North Kiteboarding team and the North Foils team, which sounds about as challenging as it is, but you know we love challenges!

This edit is taken from an epic session the wing crew scored on Nahuel Huapi Lake, while the kite crew explored the lake to find the melting snow rivers to kite up.


Graham Howes, @NickJacobsen @jettbradshaw7756 @MsBoies @fabianmuhmenthalertarifa @chucho_nonnot Nico Nadel

📸 Kyle Cabano, Leo Hochgrassl, Matias Cornalino, Marcos Aguirre

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