A short movie of my ski-kite trip in Kyrgyzstan (March 2020).

📜 Kyrgyzstan is an amazing country with infinite beautiful and wild mountains which offer unlimited playground for backcountry skiing and also snowkiting. Wind is mainly localized around passes and on crests. The dominant wind comes from South and blows downhill. In the valleys there is almost no wind in winter. The best direction may be the North-East one: the wind is very strong, consistent and dry.

🌍 Here are the areas we have explored:
0:10 – Too Ashuu ski resort
0:30 – Otmok Pass (West of Suusamyr valley)
1:38 – Suusamyr valley
1:57 – Ala-Bel Pass (West of Suusamyr valley)
3:33 – Road from Suusamyr to Kyzart
4:05 – From Kyzart village to Son-Kul lake
5:12 – North part of the Son-Kul lake
6:30 – Back to Kyzart village
7:11 – Kyzart pass
8:08 – Road to Issyk-Kul lake
8:42 – Jyrgalan area
9:03 – Kyzart pass
10:12 – Road from Kyzart pass to Bichkek through Orto Tokoy Reservoir

🎵 Musics:
Marc Streitenfeld – Honoring the Dead
Kambarkan Folk Ensemble – Jolughabuz az kundo
Colossal Trailer Music – Destination Jupiter




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