Being King.

A Big Air World Championship documentary featuring Jesse Richman, Marc Jacobs, Janek Grzegorzewski, Giel Vlugt, Nick Jacobsen, Tom Bridge, Andrea Principi and Lorenzo Casati – following the action at the @GKAKITEWORLDTOUR stop in Tarifa 2022.

Thank you to @NorthKiteboarding2022 for believing in this project and giving us the creative freedom to tell it how we saw it. The original idea was to follow the three North riders and watch them each navigate their own unique pressures of kinghood. But, as the competition unfolded, it became clear that there was a very different story to tell. One of a changing of the guard. One of riders taking previously unseen amounts of risk. The fact that North were happy for us to feature other riders, from other brands, I think says a lot about the heart and soul of North. So yeah. If you want more of these, it is as simple as: buy north gear.

The new Orbit comes out next week. It’s won two KOTAs back to back. Find the latest model here:

Edited by J4son
Shot by Colin
Sound engineering (the good bits) by Adrian Kerr
Additional Footage (the good bits) from Lidewig Hartog and Seb Hochgrassl
+ So much stolen footage I can’t begin to list it all
But these are worth watching:

Jesse’s Never Plateau

Jesse on Nazare

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I have no idea if anyone will read this bit, but if you are, let me thank you for giving your time to watch this. Making it gave me huge amounts of joy and escapism. I plan to make many more, on a bigger scale, with more videographers, more riders and more coverage.





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