SCOTLAND WING FOIL SHRED!!! Ep.3 – Court ‘In The Act’ Free Ride VLOG

Welcome back to another video, its the third day up in the furthest northern part of Britain, Kaith Ness in Scotland. Staying in Thurso and traveling around the area to find the best spots to kite, surf, foil and shred… depending on the weather and what the storms deliver us. With lots of rain but many gaps, we managed to surf two slabs in the morning and then score an epic wing foil session on another reef with just Ross and Myself out…

Riding the Duotone UNIT 5.5m wing and 75L fanatic sky wing, with a 1000 carve free fanatic foil. Its the perfect setup I find for all round performance in slightly bigger waves. I weigh 95KGs, but for me this setup works well as long as there is decent wind.

Traveling north to hit one of the best kite point breaks in the country, scoring one of the rarest surf breaks, surfings, kitesurfing, windsurfing, all on the first day of this five day vlog series. Right here on my channel, in the court in the act playlist 😉 Make sure to sub, comment, hit me up for anything and score some free ride project merchandise:

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