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Guys, welcome back to another week before the shred. This week is an interesting one and to be honest an idea that I have been waiting to score the right sessions in order to prove the concept properly. A few things have lined up in order for this to work as a viable idea, the cross pollination of wing foiling and electric hydrofoils @Fliteboard. That is the Fliteboard ULTRA-L with Nano Battery and True glide prop have come to maket… and the swell hit the fine shores of the isle of wight whilst I was at home… bonus. So I scored and decent flat water test with dropped controller at my local, and then a summer ground swell rolled through last week and sam was there to score some killer drone shots of the epic waves… so this is ELECTRIC WING FOILING!! What do you think? A rich mans game? The pinnacle of what is possible? The start of an evolution… or just part if the process!?

Check out @Fliteboard here: https://eu.fliteboard.com/en-gb

Comment bellow if you have any questions. Want to know anything about the @duotone.wingfoiling #wingfoil or the new #fliteboard ULTRA-LIGHT board setup.

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