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Welcome back to another video guys, this week is somthing a little different. Getting out of my comfort zone with the #goprofamily on the #goprocreatorssummitemea in Slovenia. #gopro . Wilderness edition. 15 athletes, all armed with #goprohero12’s set to survive in the wild for a few days. Exploring caves, wild camping, white water rafting, climbing and canyoning our way to the end of the week. Who will come out with the best shots, the best pics, clips and stories from a crazy week with some amazing people.

This is all shot on my GoPro Hero 12, with a few of the race drone shots borrowed from the crew @VinceIrie Big thanks to the @GoPro #crew a bunch of legends. What an adventure.

If you have any questions about anything in this video or about the gopro hero 12. Ask in the comments!!

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