North Team Patagonia Adventure Day 04 | North Kiteboarding & Foils

This crew received the news that in Patagonia´s mountains, there was still snow and they couldn’t resist…

On day 4 with the Santa Tabla crew, the team traveled to San Martin De Los Andes to meet @kitepatagonia4981, a local team of snow kite riders. The experience was something else: the locals received them at the base of the mountain and drove all together into the forest and the adventure began. Snowmobiles and snowy mountains, the adrenaline was getting high as the height of the mountain.

The Kite Patagonia Team had the most radical barbecue prepared waiting for the North Team at the mountain refuge which was the spot for the day. They received the team we their arms open to experience the snow as none had before. The whole day passed going up to the closest hill with the snowmobiles and snowboarded down to the refuge to have some cold drinks. The fun was just starting when the snow kicker was built and the first jumps were landed (or not).

Something that wasn’t going to be missed? Some good old snow fights to play between ski sessions.

The afternoon ended snowboarding down to the base, way back to Bariloche.


Graham Howes @NickJacobsen @jettbradshaw7756 @MsBoies @fabianmuhmenthalertarifa @chucho_nonnot Nico Nadel

📸 Kyle Cabano, Leo Hochgrassl, Matias Cornalino, Marcos Aguirre




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