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Guys, welcome back to another episode in my life. Another week goes past and the last week of 2023 for me was taken up with a last min trip to Dubai. The centre of the world at the moment, where COP28 the climate summit is taking place. It is the perfect time to be bringing the idea of electric hydrofoil racing to the world. As you all know I have been riding for and developing Fliteboard for a while now, as the E-foil becomes a staple part of the emerging new inventions around hydrofoils. It is now clear that E-foiling is not only a massive industry but also an amazing way to innovate on the water, for transportation, enjoyment, utility and an enviromental option, not just for its zero carbo emotions but also for its reduction in friction and energy use whilst on the water… Well, Fliteboard is at the head of the curve, having designed the best E-foil available to date, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to racing.

I took my new @Fliteboard ULTRA-L gold, 75cm mast and race wing setup to Dubai, used the guys from the Surf Center Dubai to sort me a battery, and I entered the open even for the Dubai Efoil Championships. After winning the first flight cup in Portugal last season… it was fun to get back into some racing with a good host of competition…

I could not be happier to have taken 1st, to have chosen to Finnish my year in this way. I really look forward to seeing how electric foil racing will develop in 2024 and what ways this amazing invention can revolutionise how we use the water!!!

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