Foil Surfing with my DAD. GoPro RAW clips – Court In The Act

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Welcome back to another shred, this week I am out in the Canary Islands for a quick trip with my dad. Although we didn’t get any wind whilst I was on the island we did score this epic surf foiling day on the outer reefs. Tow-in surf foiling with a jet-ski is one of the best ways to get maximum time on the wave and really helps if you are on the foil learning journey to get time understanding how to ride a wave. Dialling in the turns and understanding how to use a smaller wing and keep the speed through your wave riding… riding a surf foil is a-lot different to surfing and you have to re-learn how to read both the wave and the water in general. To step up your prone game, spending a few days doing this can really help!!

If you are in Fuerteventura, and want to set up some tow days. DM me and I can point you in the right direction or comment bellow the video.

It’s also the best thing to do with your DAD!!!

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