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Welcome back to another video guys, it has been a mental busy month as you may have noticed I have been a bit slack on the vlog. However I am re-setting for 2024 and moving forward with a content plan which means my videos will be getting better and better in the coming months. In this episode of Court In The Act I am in Sal, Cape Verde for the start of the @GKAKITEWORLDTOUR and @WingfoilWorldTour presenting the live stream direct from the beach at the world famous wave break of Ponta Preta. One of the best right hand reef breaks on the planet for kitesurfing and an event that will change the game for wing foiling moving forwards.

From kitesurfing to wing foiling, I have my @DUOTONEKiteboarding equipment with me so that I am ready for a shreddy. As well a producing an BTS episode for the DT YouTube channel… I try to squeeze as much shredding in as I can around the edges…

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the Live stream, if you have any questions about this spot, these sports, if you want to hear my voice on future GKA & GWA World Cup events and live stream productions!!!


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