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Welcome back to another week before the shred, this week I have been sent some mushroom shots from a brand called ‘Magic Mind’, they have also offered you guys a discount on their products here:

Link: https://www.magicmind.com/tomcourt
Code: TOMC20 – 56% off subscription & 20% off one-off purchase

I am a big advocate for trying new things, as you will know, so I put their drinks to the test for a month. I found that it really helped me with concentration, focus, and the relentless chase for the best conditions… Unfortunately, this session wasn’t the best for kitesurfing, but it did deliver the adrenaline and I hit one of the hardest to ride reef breaks on the Isle of Wight… freshwater bay! Its a tricky kite spot, with big cliffs, wind shadows, massive waves and an un forgiving shore line that will claim you equipment and possibly your life if you let it! None the less, after a week of solid editing I put down my laptop and headed to the beach.

Kitesurfing itself is a sport that increases your capacity to concentrate, its great for the mental health, equity and your ability to learn from the natural elements around you. Wind power is the ultimate tool for shredding on the water and for me, that is what it is all about. Finding the best shreddies. However you cant always have the best conditions…

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