Tom Bridge & Noe Font’s BLANK KITE TEST Ep.1

Six Big Kites. All Blank. Freestyle. Which one will win?

Episode 2 streaming now here:

Thanks to: For the edit + videography
All the brands for believing in their product and sending kites
Andre Magarao for stills
Isak Petersen and Nina Font for filming on day1
Jason Broderick for vibe and site integration
Christian Rolly for site and vibe integration
Taiba Lagoon for the breeze
Arlin Ladue for ongoing support
Ed Rycroft for advising on financials
Milly McCann for kite delivery for rigging the bars specifically for each kite
Lauren Holman for Mic Caddying
Adrian Kerr for basically nothing on this one
Maxime Chabloz for untangling bridles
Savannah Boersma for morale
Gnarlin LaDank for ongoing support
and YOU for subscribing – this project would not be possible without you all.

Episode 2 streaming now here:




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