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Guys welcome back to another shred! This week I aim in Amsterdamn visiting the @Fliteboard office and meeting the Dutch Flite Community as we get on the water, try different boards and share tips on how to ride better on the water. There are not many ways to shred the canals of Amsterdam, however with am E-foil there is endless fun to be had. I find some epic lines through some thin rivers as I ride with the guys… one of my favourite things with a #fliteboard is to explore and the possibilities of exploring Amsterdam are endless due to the fact that the whole city has so much water running through it! What an epic week!

Have you tried a Fliteboard? Its the best way to start your hydro foiling journey, and if you want connections to your nearest Flite School then make sure to drop a comment bellow the video and I can point you in the right direction!

Check out their website: https://eu.fliteboard.com/en-gb?nogeo=yes

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