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    The wind has finally picked up in Brazil, so it’s time to go big! Hannah Whiteley and Zara Hoogenraad are off to the next spot, Guriu Beach in Jericoacoara. Filmed and edited by Andy Troy The post KITEGIRLS BIG AIR SESSION Brazil Ep.7 first appeared on IKSURFMAG.

  • Confident Kite Control – (Kitesurf Tip)

    In this tutorial, Petar Pavlovic demonstrates some basic kitesurfing techniques that many kitesurfers do not know but are crucial to kite control. Give him a thumbs up if you found this tutorial useful! 00:00 INTRO 00:56 LET THE BAR GO 03:34 TWISTED LINES 04:50 HOLDING THE BAR 05:50 FIX A MISTAKE 07:18 KITE IN 12…

  • Logic Foil Board Review | Kite | Tow | Surf

    Gwen Le Tutour and Evan Netsch talk us through Cabrinha’s Logic foil board. Any questions? Please let us know in the comments below! As foil design continues to evolve, so too have board designs. Boards act as the interface between the rider and the foil, and are critical to the feel and enjoyment. The all…